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Web Development::HTML Tools or Web Development :: HTML Editors,Web Development :: Web Design Utiliti
Size: 6634
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tools emboss  
Collaboration Collaboration is a free internet multiplayer game where players cooperate and compete to write a short story together. This game is part of the Synthetic Reality "Arcadia" family of games. (http://www
Size: 1.43 MB
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write story Short Story free internet game  
Collaboration Addin Add conference info to Meeting/E-mail forms, include your logo and hyperlinks, forget all those #s.
Size: 3.17MB
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fax service provider news service provider hyperlinks  
Data Collaboration Uncertainty propagation in predictive models made easy.
Size: 7.5 MB
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science propagation calculator propagation prediction  
ShowMyPC Collaboration ShowMyPC Remote Support Desktop sharing, Remote PC Access, Multiple Languages
Size: 1.2 MB
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show remote desktop remote access remote PC controller  
LetsPowwow Collaboration Software LetsPowwow Collaboration Software and Online Meeting Tool
Size: 3.0 MB
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online Online meeting meeting communication WAP browser  

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Team Integrator for Eclipse-based Tools A package of Eclipse plug-ins that provides a means of collaborative software development between developers using different tools
Size: 35 MB
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plugin Eclipse plugin Eclipse Eclipse Plug-in WebSphere  
cajo SDK The development tookit for a framework that enables application collaboration
Size: 97 KB
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SDK Framework GNU ARM tookit development collaboration  
Defect Tracker - Web Based bug tracking Defect Tracker is more than just a way to track software defects, it is a project collaboration tool that allows you to manage all phases of your software development.
Size: 400K
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project collaboration software development defects tracker  
VeoProject Web-based Project Management VeoProject is an advanced collaboration tool that integrates project planning, issue tracking, time tracking, and document sharing into a rich collaboration framework.
Size: 7.81 KB
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time tracking collaboration environment collaboration  
flyaga blog chinese articles about software devleopment,php development,mysql development,blog development
Size: 61.67 KB
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development application development SDL development  
JDEX - Java Development Environment using Explorer Provides the tools to use Windows Explorer as a GUI front end to Suns Java Development Kit. It is NOT a full featuredIntegrated Development Environment (IDE) nor is it a Visual Java development tool.
Size: 500K
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development development environment SDL development  

development collaboration in description

CollabNet Enterprise Edition - 15 user version CollabNet Enterprise Edition provides a web-based environment for distributed collaborative development, integrating applications for software development, issue tracking, communication, collaboration...
Size: 30.73K
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manage processes manage software development  
Global Access Collaboration Video Conference... which thoroughly implements the user-centered design development idea, helps the global users to fast establish online video conference platform to realize remote collaboration and communication.The S...
Size: -
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Compass Project Server It can be implemented at all levels of the organization, especially areas that need highly collaboration, team development, and progressive elaboration, such as software developing, large scale system...
Size: 34.47MB
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manage projects and tasks  
Visual Studio Test Professional 2012 Visual Studio Test Professional 2012 is ideal for testers, business analysts, product managers, and other stakeholders who need team collaboration tools, but not a full development IDE. These team mem...
Size: 144MB
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encryption ocx Visual Studio 2008 zip for nokia itunes3  
Mindquarry Collaboration Server The Mindquarry collaboration Server is a set of well proven professional collaboration tools made easy to be usable for everyone. Mindquarry Collaboration Server includes file sharing with desktop syn...
Size: 66.16MB
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server manager file sharing synchronize members  
SoapBox Studio Experience the power of instant collaboration with Coversant's collaboration client, available for W...* Offers streamlined development with over 50 code samples, 1000 pages of technical documentation, a...
Size: 31.2MB
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